Strategy or Structure: Which One is More Important?

Thanager & Co   •   June 28, 2020

Automotive industry and automotive parts growth in the past 1-2 years has been due to the stimulus policy from all relevant sectors. But during this year, continuing through the years, entrepreneurs will have to accelerate the development of operational processes, production, Research and development including public relations. Because of the growth in the past it may affect the rapid slowdown in the future if the entrepreneur is not strong, which may affect the overall picture of the organization and the country.

QM Issue 198, April 2014, would like to present a special scoop on “Thailand in ASEAN and future Prospects of the Auto Industry “conveying various aspects of automotive and automotive parts. In this issue, we would like to talk about automotive insurance, the after market for automotive users. Including the use of software systems in production processes and operations in the automotive industry. These issues should help entrepreneurs including the readers who use cars today, receive more benefits.

The internal article we have put forward contains interesting content in the perspective of management. Quality System would like to present an article on ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management System.

Automotive world technology trends, articles on strategies and organizational structure which is important for Quality Management. We recommend the article on The development of the global capitalist system that is influenced by the US macroeconomic policy titled “Good Brand … in the Crisis of Faith”. We wish you all the best in every article we present.