A Bit About Us

Who are we? We, Thanager & Co Company Limited , are the trailblazers who rewrite the rulebook. We’re not just ordinary advisors, we’re mission control, hand-in-hand with you on your cosmic voyage to success. We’re the co-conspirators who crack the code of your business DNA, unleashing the hidden potential that sends your S-Curve soaring. We’re achievement addicts, celebrating milestones as stepping stones to even greater victories. Think supernova, not plateau!

Our Vision

“To empower bold dreamers and audacious organizations to rewrite the constellations of their industries, leaving behind shimmering trails of inspiration”

Our Mission

“We partner with courageous leaders as the trusted co-pilots to ignite explosive transformations, activating dormant potential and propelling organizations onto exponential S-Curves through bold strategies, relentless execution, and a powerful ecosystem of allies”

Our DNA: #Thanager

  • Superstar Courage: We embrace bold moves and disruptive ideas, daring to challenge the status quo with the swagger of cosmic adventurers.

  • Achievement Addicts: We’re driven by an insatiable thirst for victory, celebrating milestones as launchpads to even greater heights. Incremental gains? Meh, we aim for supernovas!

  • Potential Activators: We spark dormant power within your organization, unearthing hidden rocket fuel and igniting your S-Curve like a celestial firework.

  • Hand-in-Hand Partners: We’re not consultants, we’re co-pilots, sharing every victory dance on your cosmic voyage.

Our Arsenal: #Thanager

  • Mastermind Squadron: A vibrant team of battle-tested advisors, relentless achievers, and ecosystem navigators, armed with cutting-edge frameworks and an unquenchable thirst for your success.

  • S-Curve Catapults: We launch you beyond plateaus, guiding you onto the exponential trajectory of success through both organic and inorganic growth. Think meteors, not muddles!

  • Visionary Mapmakers: We decipher your business DNA, crafting unique strategies that leave the competition gasping for air. Differentiation, not duplication!

  • Gritty Execution Crew: We roll up our sleeves, activate your team, and turn dreams into reality – no armchair strategizing here!

  • Global Ally Network: Our secret weapon! A constellation of investors, partners, and venture gurus amplifying your reach and impact.

  • Transformation Alchemists: From digital revolutions to M&A masterstrokes, we engineer jaw-dropping turnarounds, leaving the past in the nebula and embracing a future that glitters.

But what makes us different? #Thanager

  • Boldly Disruptive: We rewrite the rules with game-changing innovations, propelling you into uncharted territories of growth. Think moonshots, not muddles!

  • Relentlessly Results-Driven: We celebrate milestones, but our eyes are fixed on the next exponential leap. Incremental gains? Meh, we aim for supernova!

  • True Partnership: We’re invested in your success, hand-in-hand on your cosmic voyage. We don’t just tell you what to do, we roll up our sleeves and do it with you.

  • Transformation Alchemists: We engineer remarkable turnarounds, leaving the past in the dust and embracing a future that glitters.
Ready to ditch the ordinary and ignite your S-Curve? Let’s blast off together! Here’s a glimpse into our 9 consulting practices:
  1. Corporate and Business Strategy Practice: Charting your course through market mazes, identifying black holes of profitability, and navigating uncharted business frontiers.

  3. Business Model Innovation Practice: Disrupting the status quo with game-changing business models, crafting unique value propositions, and leaving the competition in your wake.

  5. Marketing & Digital Marketing Strategy: Attracting customers like comets to a sun – with laser-targeted strategies and digital stardust that leaves the competition blinking.

  7. Digital Transformation Practice: Metamorphosing your business from caterpillar to butterfly – shedding the old, embracing the digital future, and taking flight.

  9. Consumer Insights & Data Analytics Practices: Cracking the code of your customers’ desires, uncovering hidden gems in your data mountains, and turning insights into action.

  11. Financial and Investment Strategy Practice: Fueling your growth engine with smart financial strategies, M&A and IPO strategies, securing investments from stellar partners, and optimizing your financial orbit.

  13. People Analytics Practice: Unleashing the hidden potential within your team, aligning talent with your mission, and building a rocket crew ready for liftoff.

  15. Business Turnaround Practice: Engineering remarkable comebacks, transforming stagnation into momentum, and propelling your organization back onto the S-Curve.

  17. Venture and Ecosystem Strategy Practice: Connecting you with a supernova of investors, collaborators, and partners, amplifying your reach and impact to light up the entire ecosystems.

Don’t settle for plateau purgatory – join Thanager & Co Company Limited and reach for the stars! Contact us today and prepare for liftoff!

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