The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Business Model and Competition

Thanager & Co   •   June 28, 2020

Episode 1

Intense competition in the past began to change. From the old into the digital age, Trade and investment in Domestic and international formats are different from before. Everything is in the Big Data. We now have tools to use for facilitating trade and investment contacts just through a single smartphone. Marketing mechanisms began to change. Anyone who is delayed may not keep up with the change. And fast fluctuations in this issue, QM No. 220, March – April 2017.So choose to convey Guru’s perspective on economics and marketing Offer ideas and ways to develop your business to compete in the Connected Society era, because many of you are probably searching for knowledge and ideas.

Seen from experts in adapting yourself and adapting your business properly and be up to date. In addition, we also have quality articles waiting for you as always, such as Quality System. We would like to present an article about system application.

ISO 9001: 2015 in conjunction with ISO 13485: 2016, Design of Experiment, Chapter 4, General Full Factorial Design for Quality Management, offers an article on interaction between Japan and the United States under the “Donald Trump” article on technology.

Episode 2

Many sectors are trying to educate and spread the mission. Including one’s own activities to be another way. For entrepreneurs to be aware of links. The government that attaches great importance to knowledge promotion and greater funding is promoting Policy to drive operators in the whole system. QM Magazine, Issue 222 July – August 2017, therefore, would like to be a part in conveying the views including the operation of the government sector that aims to develop Business growth through an interview with the honorable Dr. Somkid Jatusripitak Deputy Prime Minister and Dr. Somchai Hanhiran, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, the main mission of creating incentives for the UPS business Of Thailand to be sustainable.

In addition, we also have articles to read for everyone as usual, such as Quality System recommends articles about Design of Experiment Part 6 General Full Factorial Design Quality Management would like to introduce an article about the joint venture between “Tencent” and “Tesla”, an article about technology turning business … pointing the destiny of the world. And the article on Generation C, New Phenomenon, New Capturing on the Connect Person’s Website, please stay tuned within the book.