Business Model Innovation


Business Model Innovation What we can do: We have experience in developing business model innovations for our clients' organizations. Which can increase sales by more than 2 times within 1 year Ready to Talk? IS THANAGER & [...]

Merger and Acquisition


Merger and Acquisition What we do: We have experience in due diligence from Pre-M & A, during M&A, and after the merger (Post-M & A) to create business continuity and resulting in integration (Synergy). The result is a 30% reduction in operating and administrative costs [...]

Business Turnaround


Business Turnaround What we can do: We have experience in helping to salvage and turn over our client companies.From accumulated losses for many years to return to create sustainable profitsFinancial, Investment, Corporate Management Product and Service Development, Work Process Improvement and Marketing and grouping of service portfolios [...]

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